About Me

Hi, I'm Kelly

I am happily married to my best friend and lucky that we share the same hobbies and passions.

I have an extreme love for camping and fishing.  Camping is what fueled my cast iron passion.  I got my very first cast iron skillet to use when we are camping.  I have always loved cooking, but since finding cast iron it has exploded!

Everything i cook is done in cast iron.  I love taking recipes and making them unique with cast iron cookware.  I love creating new recipes in my cast iron and seeing the results when they are finished.

My cooking is not what you would find in a gourmet restaurant.  My pictures are not professionally done.  What you get from me is real home cooked meals.  Food to fill your family's tummies.  Food that your friends and family will want you to make over and over.  I love to make everything i cook from scratch, but I'm not gonna lie, sometimes i cheat too!  I hope you will try my recipes and share your thoughts and photos too!

I also have an extreme love for finding and restoring beat up vintage cast iron cookware.  I love making these incredible pieces of history beautiful and usable again.  It is an incredible feeling cooking in something I know has fed families for decades and decad

If you don't own any cast iron....go get yourself some!  You won't regret it.  100% of everything I cook is done in cast iron!  Don't be afraid of it!

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