My Recommendations

I love trying new products, but I am also very loyal to some.  Here I will post the products that I use on a regular basis with my reasons why.

I will also be adding websites and blogs of people I know and trust for amazing recipes! 

Trust me!  If they are on this page, you have to try them for yourselves!

Far Out Foodz

Far out foods spices and rubs are incredible.  I love creating new recipes with their spices.  

All of their products are free from MSG, Gluten, Soy, Anti caking agents, fillers, dyes and GMOs. 

Their products have taken the flavor of my cooking up 100 notches for sure.

The Urban Vine

The Urban Vine has the most incredible tasting selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  

If you are looking to add incredible flavor to your food then you have to check them out!

Buzzywaxx LLC

I am as addicted to this product as I am to my cast iron. 

Buzzywaxx in my opinion is hands down THE best cast iron seasoning and conditioner on the market.  I use it when I am restoring cast iron and always a swipe after cooking in and cleaning my cast iron.  If you love your cast iron you will love Buzzywaxx!

Dutch Oven Daddy

Dutch Oven Daddy is an amazing website run by a dear friend of mine. 

This website has tons of great recipes and awesome cast iron care and restoration tips. 

I guarantee you will find amazing food your family will love here!

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