Cast Iron Cooking Must Haves!

Morning everyone:

This ramble is geared more towards the folks who don't yet have any cast iron cookware. 

There are tons of reasons why you SHOULD be using cast iron, but I will only touch on a few.

The most important reason - NON TOXIC! - a lot of cookware today has tons of chemicals etc in it.  Especially teflon.  Simply put, teflon is NOT good for you! 

The second reason - Cast iron cookware lasts for hundreds of years.  You will never have to replace it.  Most cookware today gets replaced every couple of years due to wear and tear or damage.  Cast iron will last you a lifetime.  You can hand it down to your children and they can hand it down to theirs etc etc.  It can literally become a family heirloom.

The third reason - It holds value!!  other cookware, the minute you take it home, has literally no value.   Cast iron on the other hand, the older it gets, the more it's worth.  (Not all but most)  Vintage cast iron is highly sought after and people will pay $$ for it. 

So basically what I am saying is this:  Get out there and find some old cast iron.  Restoring it is super easy and its very rewarding.  Bringing these old pieces of history back to life is a feeling that is hard to explain.  What do you need to restore an old piece of cast iron?  Easy off oven cleaner, vinegar and some elbow grease.  It is really that simple.

If the whole finding and restoring vintage cast iron isn't for you, no biggie, there are tons of cast iron manufacturers for brand new.  Either way, lets get you what you NEED to have.

Obviously you will need skillets.  How many?  as many as you want!  but the bare minimum i suggest is 2. Sizes matter!!  You will need/want to get a 12" skillet for sure.  I also suggest a 10" skillet.  You will find when you start cooking with cast iron that you will often use 2 or more at one time.

The second piece you will need is a dutch oven.  Doesn't matter what size you get but you will need it.  Soups, chilis, stews, roasts, chickens, breads..the list is endless when it comes to what you make in a dutch oven!

The last piece you need is a trivet (or 2).  You need to be able to put that hot skillet on something that wont burn or melt!  They are very easy to find and can be very cute!  Please make sure it's a cast iron trivet

So, that is literally all you NEED to have to enjoy food made in cast iron.  There are plenty of things that you may want - great, get em!  They will add to your cooking experience.

Some of the WANTS that I suggest:

 bread loaf pan (your homemade breads and meatloaves will be incredible)

muffin, gem or turk pan (the desserts you can make in these are endless and beautiful)

a few more skillets (different sizes, and a couple of the ones you use most)

Anyways guys, ramble over,  if anyone has any questions please feel free to comment on this post or shoot me an email. (  I love helping people get into cast iron! 

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  1. Hey, great information Kelly! Love all those pots and pans, the look like beautiful Canadian Vintage pieces!

    1. Thank you! and yes lots of Canadian...and you are responsible for my love of a few brands on that rack!

    2. I particularly like those Javelin Foundry pieces! That fellow who started the foundry in Jolliette Quebec Canada was a real character! I love how different cast iron foundries had their own look and feel! Even when they scammed another foundry's patterns there was always a small change in style and quality of iron.

    3. we are looking into why you are now "unknown" OttawaIronGuy! lol and yes...Javelins have become very dear to us as well. The history on the founder...omgosh its amazing...gotta love an old time gangster! and I agree....the history is incredible! and each time we see a new piece that no one has ever seen...thats awesome!