Random Redhead Ramblings

So to me a blog should be personal.  Yes, this is a recipe blog, but at the end of the day it's still a blog. That being said, I feel like you guys should know "me".  Yes I have an About Me page, but that's just basic info about myself.  So we now have the "Redhead Ramblings" tab.  This is where you will really get to know about "Kelly".

My posts here may not always be about cooking or recipes.  They will be more about ME.  Things I do, things I see, things i think (be afraid of that one).  I have a lot of life experiences outside of cooking that I thought maybe I could share with you all here.  Maybe y'all will get some insight into what makes me tick!!

One of my true passions is "hunting" cast iron.  I love getting in the truck with Jason and hitting the road in search of vintage cast iron.  We have truly found some incredible pieces in our travels.  I will probably share a lot of our finds with you in this section of the site.  Who knows, maybe i will ignite a spark in you!.

I have also decided to try my hand at preserves and canning.  So far I have conquered strawberry jam.  I have no doubt this will be an interesting journey for me so it will likely be something else I "ramble" about with you guys.

Jason & I LOVE to go camping and fishing!  of course its winter right now...but I have no doubt come summer I will have lots to ramble about with regards to these passions.  Oh!  and cooking over a campfire!! that will probably end up being a new tab in the menu section!

Down the road once the site is all set up and running I would LOVE to have a "guest blogger" section.  Where you guys can share your recipes and cooking!  Watch for that.

Anyways, enough rambling for now.  I really want to make this blog as "interactive" as possible.  I want to get to know you guys as you get to know me!  I shall put my daughter's brain to work on how we will incorporate that with the site!

As always guys...please share my site with your friends and families...nothing would make me happier than this whole journey to be a success!

Ciao for now!

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